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 [KOFG Char-Open] Geese Howard & Sparkset

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Post[KOFG Char-Open] Geese Howard & Sparkset

"No one can escape from Gesse!"

Geese with new blue 2k2UM HLDM Background

Geese with new Generation Move spark and 2k2UM Background

Geese finishes his GM Deadly Rave

Geese with GM "Final Impact" effect

I just released an update of Geese Howard!
I jumped the gun a bit and made him V2 pre-final. This means:
+ Generation Move Deadly Rave
+ Dodge & Dodge Attack (remove the changestate to 900 and 901 and change Roll to recovery and he should work fine on normal MUGEN).
+ Compatible with new KOFG fightfx you can get above (yes, I updated that, too).
Still need to add a few things, like:
- AI
- NGBC Cancel Hop (z+Dir, hops, backrolls, or dashes while attacking for 500 power)
- Guard Cancel Backstep Attack (z+c while guarding, stuns opponent, backsteps and does special move for 3000 power)
- Hidden Dream Cancels (DM->HLDM w/ 250 life)
- Fantasy Cancels (LDM->HLDM w/ 250 life)

Updates to fightfx include:
+ New spark for Generation Moves (Greyscale)
+ New backgrounds for HLDM (2k2UM BG in Blue) and GM attacks (2k2UM BG) - Thanx, 119way!
+ HLDM shatter effect - Thanx, 119way!
+ GM "Final Impact" shatter effect - Thanx 119way & IronMUGEN!

Download Geese and KOFG fightfx V2 here.
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[KOFG Char-Open] Geese Howard & Sparkset :: Comments

Re: [KOFG Char-Open] Geese Howard & Sparkset
Post on Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:20 pm by jerzy
It looks very good!

[KOFG Char-Open] Geese Howard & Sparkset

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