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 Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - Original and Edit

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Elite: mWo Wolfpack

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PostSubject: Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - Original and Edit   Sun May 15, 2011 1:14 pm

Ai by Fervicante

Asura by Ahuron

Fuuma by Mouser bki0fq56d8abq
Fuuma by Fervicante
Fuuma by KojiroBADNESS

Goodman by Ahuron

Hanzo XI by Ahuron - MUGEN Section
Hanzo by Mouser bki0fq56d8abq

Haohmaru by K.O.D

Hotaru by Juke Kisaragi

Lee Pai Long by Ahuron - MUGEN Section

Kisharah by Fervicante
Kisharah by Mouser bki0fq56d8abq

Marco Rossi by Ahuron - MUGEN Section

Mr. Karate 2nd (Ryo) by jin
Mr Karate 2nd (Ryo) by DM

Mudman by Fervicante

Neo Dio by jin

Robert Garcia by jin

Rock by jin

Shiki by KoopaKoot;dl=cat21

Shishioh by jin
Shishioh by Tin

Yuki by Ahuron - MUGEN2 Section
Yuki EX by Basara-kun

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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - Original and Edit
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