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 Ash Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta)

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Ash Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta) Empty
PostAsh Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta)

Using jin's Kyo as a base, I am in the process of making a 3-mode Kyo based on his appearances in the Ash Saga games (2003, XI, XIII).

The system will be a mix of XI and XIII
-(Guard Cancel) Roll
-(Guard Cancel) CD/E
-EX Moves
-Drive/Super/Dream Cancels: 1/2 HD Meter
-Hyper Drive Mode: Full HD Meter
-MAX Cancels: (EX-)DM->Neo-MAX in HD Mode
-Generation Move? (My signature OHKO that takes all your Super and Drive Meter when you're getting your ass handed to you).
-Considering a Break Shot-type starter as a way to link it to meter usage.
-You can only do it once per opponent.
-If the attack misses, gets blocked, or you don't finish the sequence, you cannot use DM or higher-level attacks or enter HD Mode for the rest of the round.
-eg: Geese's Deadly Rave-While blocking, do HCB,F+E, then A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,QCB+E. If you do not complete the QCB+E motion, your Super Bar will remain at zero and you will still build HD Meter and be able to do Drive Cancels, but not be able to enter Hyper Drive Mode for the rest of the round.
-Maybe more stuff at a later date.

Here's a video demonstrating some of the graphical updates I made to Kyo, as well as some EX move features:

Part II of the Technical Reference Series demonstrates some of XIII-Mode Kyo's EX Moves and Orochinagi:

Part III of the Technical Reference Series focuses on the EX Aragami I recently added to his Rekka modes (2k3/XI):

Update History
-EX Hikigane added
-99 B version when standing
-Aragami Drive Cancels into 99 B version in XI Mode
-Konokizu Drive Cancels into cancelled 99 D version in XI Mode (lower, faster hop)
-EX Yami Barai added
-Same as XIII Kyo (faster, stronger, knockdown)
-EX Kai added
-Same as XIII (EX) Kyo
-Juggles higher than D version
-XIII-Style Damage in XIII Mode
-XIII NESTS-Style Damage in 2k3/XI Mode
-Can juggle connect with Orochinagi/EX-Orochinagi without using the brief delay trick
-Kototsuki You added.
-EX Kototsuki and EX Oboroguruma added.
-Tweaked velocities on Kai so 2nd hit misses in combos but EX hits in combos, just like here
-Tweaked juggle points and velocities on Kai and Oboroguruma to allow the A->EX Oboro juggle.
-There is an issue with the EX Kototsuki that lets you break moves with it when comboing into it (the throw does not execute).
-Tweaked velocities on D-version Kai as it hit some characters in combo.
-Added (EX) Kuuchuu Orochinagi - ported from ikaruga's Kyo
-Added XIII-style Orochinagi (faster, no charge).
-Orochinagi now Dream Cancels into its EX version.
-EX Oniyaki ported from ikaruga's Kyo.
-EX Aragami added (See video above for details).
-Wall Bounce ported from KFM
-Crumple modified from Ahuron's Gai_XI (Arm Breaker GetHit State)
-XIII-Style Meter ported from Ahuron's Mr.KarateXIII

What's Left:
-EX RED Kick
-Neo-MAX Ama No Murakumo
-Fine-Tune Wall Bounce
-Floor Bounce
-Alternate Crumple Animation
-Critical Wire BlockStun
-Add time to EX PalFX
-Win Quote Triggers
-Intros/Special Intros
-Win Poses
-Drive Meter Variable Management
-Drive Cancels
-HyperDrive Mode
-02UM Shatter Effect
-CVS2 Hyper KO Shatter Effect
-XIII DM Finish Effect
-Fix some sounds
-Hi-Res more effects
-Guard Crush (Maybe)
-Counter Message (Maybe)
-Generation Move
-More Stuff Later

No release date yet, but I plan to do the same with Kusanagi, EX-Kyo, and MI Kyo when I finish.

sw@MUGEN's ProjectsDJ Timedrop's Projects
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Ash Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta) :: Comments

Re: Ash Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta)
Post on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:18 pm by swatMUGEN
Update 4/15/2012: Implemented floor bounce code on the EX Yano Sabi and changed velocities on the EX Oniyaki to prevent infinite juggles.

Ash Saga Kyo Kusanagi by swatMUGEN (WIP/Beta)

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